Driving with Autism/ADHD/Anxiety Program

Driving with Autism/ADHD/Anxiety Program

This is an individualized program with specially-designed instruction that works with teens diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well those students who deal with ADHD, Anxiety and other executive functioning disorders. This program is developed specifically for the enrolled student on teaching the fundamentals of driving a motor vehicle.

The program is a team effort and will include the student, the parents and individuals who support the student as they are introduced to the basic operations of the motor vehicle and how we operate the vehicle in several traffic environments.

We will provide intensive training in the following sections. We will practice intersections, right and left turns, right turn on red, left turns, how to angle, perpendicular and parallel park, spend time learning the speed limits on the city and residential streets and negotiating entrances and exits onto 2 and 4 lane highways. We will introduce them to travel on the interstate where available and driving in larger metro locations.

This program takes a minimum of 3 months to complete and can go as long as necessary to achieve a license or determine whether a license is achievable.

Program requirements: 30 hours of classroom time (state requirement)

Driving Instruction requirements: Each student must drive a minimum of 10 hours with our instructors. No exceptions. Safety and a thorough Understanding of the Responsibilities of a Driver on the Roadways are a Priority.

Monthly meetings will be held to discuss the goals and progress of the student.

We want all our students to feel comfortable when driving in their communities and continuing to grow and improve as a safe and responsible driver. The state requirements behind-the-wheel are simply not enough.

All our vehicles are lettered and visibly identified as a EDUCATIONAL TRAINING VEHICLE and all of our vehicles have a brake and gas pedal on the instructor’s side (passenger) to assist in the modeling and training of the student.

We have locations to practice all the skills the student will need to be a driver in Iowa.

Student receives 60 minutes of in-car instruction.

Scheduled as based on student/instructor availability.

Safer Driver Solutions is an authorized provider for Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation. Contact your counselor today to set up an intake interview and see if you qualify for financial assistance.

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