Commercial Driving Evaluations

Driver Refresher Course

Safety Training Programs

For commercial companies, this can be a great refresher course for all drivers, preventing accidents and enhancing safety. We now offer training programs online.

Drivers Evaluation

For Insurance Needs

We do driving evaluations to certify that you are able to drive again for your business and insurance.

New Hire Driver

Safety First

Need to make sure that new hire can drive safely? We do driving evaluation tests to make sure your company vehicles are in good hands, lowering your insurance claims. Keeping your employees and business safe.

Fleet Driver Safety Refresher Course

This course is for employees who drive for commercial companies. This course is a safety and driving refresher course to update employees on the latest Iowa driving laws and rules of the road for safe and responsible driving. We can develop a course for your company.


This course also includes a 30 minute to 1 hour driving evaluation.

Companies can use this to course to evaluate all employees who drive vehicles for the company. The best way to avoid high insurance premiums is to evaluate all employees who drive company vehicles that carry passengers or product to avoid unnecessary traffic tickets or damage to vehicles and/or property.

This course is available on an individual basis or as under a group contract where employees can be evaluated annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.

This type of evaluation is great for companies that deliver food or product. Sales people, technicians and service employees as well as school districts, transit organizations and truck driving companies.

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We will review driving fundamentals, the latest driving law changes, safety practices, signs and traffic situations. The second part will be a scheduled driving evaluation in a motor vehicle.

  • We will provide review and training in the following sections.
  • Intersections
  • Right and left turns, right turn on red, left turns,
  • How to angle, perpendicular and parallel park,
  • Learning the speed limits on the city and residential streets
  • Negotiating proper entrances and exits on 2 and 4 lane highways and interstates.
  • Travel on the interstate where available and driving in larger metro locations and many more skills important to driving in Iowa
  • We will provide a scored evaluation of each employee and provide a detailed recommendation on how to improve on driving skills and safety measures.